What is DET:Compute?

VirtEngine by DET.io is an open cloud platform built to perform, it comes with the latest bleeding edge cloud technology due to it's integrations with OpenNebula and Docker. Cloud.tc by DET-IO combines large amounts of infastructure in order to deliver unbeatable prices without neglecting quality and performance.

Competitive Pricing starting from $3.50/mo

We include more for less, all while using bleeding edge technology. We've partnered with top tier facilities to deliver dedicated infrastructure in a virtual environment with no strings attached.
Stay tuned as we will be announcing all the providers participating in Cloud.tc shortly.


Transparent Cloud Marketplace

Public Cloud.tc is a Multi-Cloud based on dozens of hosting providers with access to a large amount of Enterprise Grade Hardware located in top-tier facilities all around the globe. Cloud.tc gives you a transparent view of Performance, Bandwidth, Latency, Network Security, Historic Availability, and Price.

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With access to a wide range of Cloud Services, such as VMs - Storage - Load Balancers - Containers - One-Click Applications using proven software.

Open Source Cloud Platform

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